Training Walks

Do you have a dog who is behaving in an antisocial way towards other dogs? Are you getting stressed at the thought of taking your dog for a walk? These are all perfectly understandable emotions and I can help you to overcome them.


Often with dogs there will be an underlying issue leading to the 'bad' behaviour - usually fear or anxiety. We'll identify what your dogs issues are and from there begin to work on changing their behaviour by teaching new skills and giving you both the confidence you need to go for happy, carefree walks together.

Training Walk

With owner, dog and trainer - £40

Walks are an ideal training environment for implementing training in the real world. We can develop your handling skills, build your confidence and help you to read your dogs body language. The walk will focus on your desired training areas and I can help you to understand why your dog is behaving in a certain way - and how to change that behaviour.