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Hi, I'm Katie...

Why choose me?

I am an Assessed and Qualified IMDTB Member of the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers. I am proud to display the UK Dog Behaviour & Training Charter symbol.


The UK Dog Charter Tick Symbol shows that I am checked, supported and monitored by a reputable organisation and seek to uphold the highest standards of animal welfare and professional conduct.

So how did I get here?


I grew up in the country and have always had a passion for nature, wildlife and all creatures great and small. When I was little, my days were spent riding ponies, playing with cats and babysitting a neighbours rather bitey hamster!


But I always really, really wanted a dog and was determined to get one as soon as I could. 

Having moved to the Winchester area, I found myself in a position to do just that and welcomed Zara, a beautiful, intelligent - and frighteningly fast ! - lurcher into our little family. She was a well adjusted pup who fitted straight into family life.

This dog began my love of lurchers and I now have two rescue dogs, Casper and Tarin, who are very much part of the family - but both of whom came with baggage which had to be unpacked to enable them to relax into everyday life. Watching the change I was making when rehabilitating Casper, who was very reactive towards other dogs, set me on my path to help others to understand their dogs behaviour - and so here I am!

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