Don’t let the current social distancing rules stop you from gaining the help, guidance and assistance that you need right now! This is an ideal time to focus time and energy on your dog to help you to overcome those problem areas, teach new skills or just build a deep bond with your dog which will extend well beyond lockdown. 



I can offer Virtual Sessions (via 'Zoom', no need to download software, just click on the link provided) £35 for a 60 minute session


Suggested sessions include:

  • Training sessions use this time wisely and train your pup effectively, practise and perfect behaviours ready for when we are back to normal

  • Guide to successful socialisation during lockdown – yes! You can still implement a successful socialisation plan during lock down to have a healthy, confident, well rounded pup

  • Identifying and preventing problems in lockdown – change of routine can often unsettle dogs and this can lead them to display undesired behaviours. By looking at behaviours and routines displayed now we can implement exercises to help your dog cope when life returns to normal

  • Identifying and preventing problems when we come out of lockdown – having had the whole family at home during lock down, can mean that pup struggles when we come out of lockdown and all go about our usual daily lives / routines

Training Classes Waiting List

 Waiting List for Training Classes now Open.   Classes are limited to a maximum of 4 dogs and owners, adhering to     social distancing guidelines. 

 To register your interest get in touch today.