Rescue Dog

Offering a home to a rescue dog can feel a little daunting at times, for both you and your new best friend. But don't worry, I'm here to guide you through this transition period so that you both learn to trust and love one another and develop the special bond between man (or woman!) and dog.

My 'Rescue Package' consists of three sessions which will be tailored to you and your dog. Telephone support will also be available throughout  so that you can get instant advice on any issues which may arise.

Rescue Package

3 x 1 hour sessions - £120


The Rescue Package consists of three sessions carried out in your home. This can be a scary time for your new friend as they have left behind everything they know, so it's important to help them adjust.


The sessions include:

  • an initial assessment

  • advice on helping them unpack any 'baggage' they may have to enable them to settle into their new environment

  • toilet training

  • general obedience

  • building solid foundations and developing behaviour and skills for family living

  • plus any other questions you may have about your new arrival